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May 14, 2012

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May 14, 2012

Robert Elliott Hail

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May 14, 2012

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May 14, 2012

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March 4, 2012

Grandpa in WWII

Grandpa served on the USS Kadashan Bay CVE 76 during WWII, as the ship’s photographer. Here are some photos.

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April 9, 2010

Roy Lee Hail

This is my great grandfather Roy Lee Hail, Bernice’s husband. This is all I know about him: He was born in 1893, named Leroy but changed his name to Roy Lee when he was older. He was a native of Chico, California and was a teacher and an athletic director. He also was a World War 1 veteran who served in France first as a private in the 140th Infantry, 35th Division, and rose to the rank of Captain. This photo was taken when he was promoted in the army in 1918. He  had been a manager for Standard Oil Company for ten years in San Francisco and Berkeley at the time of his death at age 35.

I have just one letter he wrote his mother during the war.

Dec 5, 1918

“Dear Mother,

“Just a few lines to let you know I am in Paris on my way back to my Regiment.

“I expect to see the King of Belgium who will arrive in Paris today and to see many of the other interesting sights and leave tomorrow. Am enclosing little snap shot taken at Nice, France. This is the 1st picture you have of me as a Captain. It is only a small snap shot, but not so bad.

“Am enjoying myself very much on my vacation. Lt. James who has been a pal of mine ever since I went to Oklahoma is with me and we have plenty money so are just living like kings and enjoying ourselves while we have the chance for we may never get another chance to see Europe if we return to the U.S.A. now.

“Hope you all are well.

“Love to All.

“Your Loving Son,


I went to Nice, France last year! I ran around on the beaches. I wish I had known that he had been there all those years ago, that would have been really cool.

Bernice just loved him so much, and apparently he was so much fun! I think my grandpa looked like him a lot. I wish I knew more about him but there is no one left that knew him…. only Bernice and she passed away right before I was born.  I bet that Roy and Bernice were such a fun couple.  I think about these two a lot and am dying to know more about them…