Stories about the Knapp family:

Bernice Helen Knapp Hail

Christian Young

Bernice in the 1920s.

Adaline Young & John Knapp, 1893

my great-great grandfather John Knapp, reading a personal greeting card from President Dwight D. Eisenhower on his 90th birthday.

Bernice & Florence Mildred Knapp

Bernice, age 5, and Mildred, age 8, 1903

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2 Comments to “Knapp”

  1. Finally, success! I wrote to you last May and was completely in a “brain fog” about where I connected with you! Bernice is a beauty! I was surprised and pleased to find Adaline’s wedding picture. She is my great grandmother Lydia’s younger sister (about 9 years). I don’t have a photo of Lydia but I am hoping there is a resemblance. I originally found your site by googling Christian Young. I’m having trouble getting farther back than Cretian Yung or Jung. It is wonderful to have relatives! 😉 Merry Christmas to you and your family. Is there a way you could email me Adaline’s wedding picture? I cannot seem to get a link established in

    • hello, i am so sorry for the extremely late reply. my only excuse is that i was in the middle of my first year of grad school and my family history project fell completely by the wayside. hopefully this comment reaches you… i will be happy to send you the photo.

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