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April 1, 2012

27 Conduit St, London

This is where Thomas Henry Leitch did his apprenticeship to become a Master Tailor from 1833 to 1840. It is in the Oxford Circus/Hanover Square area, which today is a very posh and busy area, filled with high-end designer shops. Incidently, Banksy‘s “Falling Shopper” is on this street as well, which speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, today there isn’t much to see of 27 Conduit St, but I took what photos I could. The top part of the building looks quite old.

20120401-021743 PM.jpg

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April 1, 2012

St. Pancras Old Church, London

St. Pancras Old Church in London is where my great-great-great grandfather and grandmother, Thomas Henry Leitch and Mary Ann Peacock, were married in 1850. It is also where Mary Ann’s parents, John Dowsing Peacock and Elizabeth Pool, were married in 1823. This church has an amazing history and has stood there since 314 AD, making it one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in Great Britain.

An old lady at the church told us that many visitors from the US or Australia come to this church to see where their ancestors worshiped. In the 1800s, St. Pancras was a poor area and most people living there eventually emigrated elsewhere… Thomas and John were tailors, and Thomas emigrated to Canada some years after his marriage.

It was very special and exciting to see this place of family history. I imagined my great grandparents getting married here, walking through the gates and starting their lives here.

20120401-013107 PM.jpg

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